The Papillon Club of Victoria Inc was founded on 12th May 1974.

Members of the inaugural Executive & Committee were:

President:                 Mr L F Reeves

Vice Presidents:        Mr R Lovell and Mr J Coape-Smith

Treasurer:                 Mr G Cameron

Secretary:                 Mrs D Lovell

Assistant Secretary:  Mrs B Bell  

Committee:   Mrs C Te Leak, Mrs T McFarlane, Mrs G Shepherd, Mrs E Warner, Mrs J Reeves and Mr L Wolf.

The first Championship Show was held on 8th October 1977

The first Open Show was held on 17th March 1990

The first Handbook was published to coincide with the 30th Championship Show on 4th November 2006

The Papillon Club of Victoria Inc was the first Club in Australia (breed, agility or obedience) to hold a Restricted to Height Agility Trial in 2007.